Alumni Spotlight: Dylan Van Duyne, Class of 2018

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Back to High School: My Journey as a Teacher and Learner

Dylan and his Spring 2018 Co-Facilitator Mary Melati ‘18

During his undergraduate career, Dylan facilitated EDUC 2610 three times leading both gender and sexual orientation dialogues. Dylan also helped coordinate various IDP workshops: a role in which he played an integral part in planning and coordinating IDP workshops and events.  Dylan graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences in May 2018, with a B.A. in Spanish and Psychology, and a double minor in Global Health and Human Development.  Dylan currently lives in Boston, where he is a teacher at Roxbury Prep High School through the program Uncommon Schools. See what Dylan has to say about how IDP shaped and informed his current position as an educator.

IDP has transformed my post-grad experience in many ways.  One of its most powerful impacts has lied within my current role in education as a teacher.  

Dylan with Director Dr. Adi Grabiner-Keinan

In my current position, I spearheaded a course called “PRISM”: a program in which students have the space to discuss personal experiences, while also learning the core content behind dialogue, communication across difference, and social identity.  Specifically, we discuss key issues within and components of the LGBTQ+ community and are looking for ways to enact meaningful change in our school. In this program, we are committed to empowering both targets and agents in very significant ways.  

In addition to this initiative, I push my students to practice many of the tools I learned in IDP in their conversations within and outside of the classroom setting.  I have had many conversations with students in which we discuss the necessary strategies–such as perspective taking, actively listening, or engaging empathetically–to help them better participate in a dialogue with other students.  

Dylan with IDPerson Alicia O’Neil ’18

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many tools that can initiate effective and powerful dialogue.  In my current experience, I’ve noticed that many of these tools have proven to be incredibly impactful for students who so often instinctually turn to debate.  

I feel grateful for IDP to now have an opportunity to practice dialogue in a new space having the content and process to better serve and empower my students, and I know I will continue to make use of these tools throughout my career in education.