Equity, Dignity, Respect




Facilitating Dialogue Across Difference

IDP Facilitators

Intergroup Dialogue Project (IDP)

is an academic initiative grounded in theory and practice that creates

community across difference 

through dialogue.

Our mission is to facilitate…

dialogue [dahyuh-lawg] n., vb

collaborative communication in which people create shared meaning by being both teachers and learners

across [uh-kros] adv., prep

to cross to the other side of a separating expanse so as to be understood

difference [dif-ruh ns] n.

the parts of ourselves that make us unique (status, power, perspectives, experiences, and beliefs)

Our vision is a campus of…

equity [ek-wi-tee] n.

characteristics of a fair society

dignity [dig-ni-tee] n.

development and appreciation of self and group identities

respect [ri-spektn., vb.

to look at and listen to someone with our full attention and the intent to understand


IDP works to engage the entire Cornell community. We collaborate with many departments, programs, and student organizations to develop and deliver offerings ranging from three-hour introductory experiences to intensive semester-long courses. These intimate, peer-facilitated sessions address topics of identity and communication while providing participants with the skills to engage in productive conflict and create new shared meanings.