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Listening & Learning with "I" Statements

Experiment with IDP’s latest offering: Listening & Learning with the “I” Statements podcast. This guide is an accompaniment to our podcast, “I” Statements, where people with different identities come together to share their own beliefs, experiences, and perspectives, demonstrating both the power and the possibility inherent in communicating across difference. This guide is for people who would like to incorporate the podcast into their work with students and/or colleagues.

In this guide, you’ll find the following materials for each episode:

  • A brief description of the episode and a link to the entire transcript
  • Discussion questions that could be used to foster large-or small-group conversations
  • A writing prompt aimed at stimulating reflection on one’s own experience and beliefs
  • Related readings that can add additional perspectives and relevant information

We are curious about how this guide works for people, and if you do use it we’d love to hear from you about what worked well, what could be improved, and what other materials might help you make use of this podcast. This is a new endeavor for us, and we’re grateful for partners like you who help us learn how to effectively share dialogue with members of the Cornell community! If you have feedback to share, requests for other podcast-related material, or suggestions for an episode topic that would be relevant to a course you teach, please email Rachel.


  • Episode 1: Intergroup Dialogue
    In this episode Baba, Jeannie, and Rachel talk about intergroup dialogue. Reflecting on interactions with fellow students, teammates, and colleagues, these three describe some of the challenges and opportunities they’ve experienced when having candid conversations about social identity.
  • Episode 2: Access
  • Episode 3: Joy
  • Episode 4: Humility
  • Episode 5: Community
  • Episode 6: Connection
  • Episode 7: Rest
  • Episode 8: Listening
  • Episode 9: Imagination
  • Episode 10: Objectivity

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