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September, 2017. Cornell Cast – Lecture by Dr. Beverly Tatum 

“Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum… is a nationally recognized authority on racial issues and the psychology of racism in America. She argues that straight talk about our racial identities is essential to enable communication across racial and ethnic divides. 

Dr. Tatum explains why faculty, staff and students need to explore racial stereotypes and continue cross-racial dialogue.

July, 2017. Cornell Chronicle – Conference explores best practices in intergroup dialogue

July, 2017. Vol. VI No. 3, July 2017, p.6, GradEdge: Council of Graduate Schools Newsletter – Inclusion Innovations to Improve the Graudate Education Climate

March 2017. Global Cornell –  2017 Grants: Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum

The Intergroup Dialogue Project was awarded the 2017 grant to develop and add a new “Nationality” section to their EDUC 2610 undergraduate class, incorporating global experiences and perspective, all while providing students with content beyond a U.S.- centric framework.



November 13, 2016. Cornell Daily Sun – Student Panelists Stress Dangers of Cultural Appropriation

November 9, 2016. Cornell Daily Sun – Listen In, but Hold Your Judgement

November 4, 2016. Cornell Daily Sun – Students’ Personal Stories Reflect on Racial Diversity at Cornell

September 1, 2016. Cornell Chronicle – Students Discuss Inclusive Pedagogy for New Faculty

August 2, 2016. Cornell Chronicle – Program Enhances Grad Student, Postdoc Dialogue Skills

August 2, 2016. Cornell Chronicle – Rising Senior Studies Socio-Economics of Choosing a Major

May 9, 2016. Cornell Daily Sun  – Poetry Slam Facilitates a Conversation on Race and Socioeconomic Status

April 10, 2016. Cornell Daily Sun – BHOWMICK | Fitting In

February 19, 2016. Cornell Daily Sun – Black Students United Promises Further Protests, Urges Day Hall to Address Demands

February 18, 2016. Cornell Chronicle –  Breaking Bread Discussion Centers on Religion



December 21, 2015. BizEd – New Course at Cornell Teaches Students to Manage Conflict

November 23, 2015. Rose Scholars Blog – Intergroup Dialogue Conducts Session on Microaggressions

September 29, 2015. Cornell Daily Sun – Facebook Page Platform for Discussion of Economic Class

June 12, 2015. Cornell Now: Diversity Intergroup Dialogue Project Presents at International Conference on Intergroup Relations

May 20, 2015. CALS Notes – CALS graduate discusses personal impact of IDP and need for program expansion

May 11, 2015. Cornell ChronicleStudents Share Class Confessions

May 4, 2015. First Generation Students – “Class Confessions” Movement Growing

March 25, 2015. Cornell’s Giving Day: Interview with IDP Facilitators Jonathan, Eteng, Aaron, and Natasha. https://youtu.be/Ey_19DjK650?t=2h33m33s

Spring, 2015. Student Disability Newsletter – Ability and Disability Dialogue

Winter, 2015. Vol. VII Issue 2, Winter 2015, EZRA: Cornell’s Quarterly Magazine. A Few of Cornell’s Most Popular Classes, Past and Present.



Spring, 2014. Vol. VI NO. 3, EZRA: Cornell’s Quarterly Magazine. – What we talk about when we talk about ‘diversity’

April 29, 2014. Cornell Daily SunDialogue Project Course Tackles Issues Through ‘Positive’ Conflict

March 18, 2014, Cornell Daily SunCornell Dialogue Group Wins Diversity Award

March 12, 2014, Cornell ChronicleIntergroup Dialogue Wins Perkins Prize

Winter, 2014. Vol. VI No. 2, Winter 2014, EZRA: Cornell’s Quarterly Magazine. At 626 Thurston, Talk is Not Cheap.

August 1, 2013, DEMOSWhat Low-Income Students Bring to Campus

August 24, 2012, Cornell Daily Sun – Cornell’s Response to Racial Attack Good First Step, Minority Organizations Say