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Communication Across Difference: LARA Method

Developed by Intergroup Dialogue Programs across the country, the LARA Method is a tool used to communicate across differences. We find that regular use of this tool helps to reframe one’s ability to engage in conflict empathetically in a way that invites diverse perspectives in an effort to create shared meaning. For an introductory guide to LARA, please click HERE.

If you would like to practice this method and learn more about applying it in different settings, please contact IDP or click HERE to learn more about our workshop program.


Strategic Questioning: An Approach to Creating Personal and Social Change

The technique of strategic questioning provides us with a way of facilitating “‘dynamic’ listening” by creating new information. Fran Peavey’s “Strategic Questioning Manual” discusses what strategic questions are and how they can be used to work towards personal and social change. Our “Strategic Questioning Handout” provides an overview of the different types of questions and examples of questions one can ask.