EDUC 2610 Facilitators

In Fall 2019, we’re offering 13 dialogues across 4 topics: Race, Gender, Socioeconomic Status (SES),  and Sexual Orientation!

Brianna Ramos

School of Industrial and Labor Relations, 2022

Hi all! My name is Brianna Ramos and this fall will be my first time facilitating Intergroup Dialogue. I am a sophomore in the School of Industrial Labor Relations, and I am hoping to pursue a career in Public Service. Participating in IDP last year gave me the tools needed to talk about my salient identities and to effectively communicate with others from different backgrounds. I look forward to strengthening these skills as a facilitator!

Cassidy Eassa

College of Arts and Sciences, 2020

Hi! I'm Cassidy and I'm a senior from Rochester, New York. I'm an Astronomy major concentrating in Education and minoring in Italian, but I'm also very passionate about social justice and intersectionality, especially as it pertains to issues of sexuality, socioeconomic status, and ability/disability. I really loved being a part of IDP as a student last semester, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be participating in the project as a facilitator for the first time this semester!

Chenab Khakh

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2020

Hi! I study Biology and Society with a concentration in public health equity and a minor in business. I enjoyed facilitating Intergroup Dialogue for freshman orientation so much that I can't wait to learn and teach from my peers more this semester. As a first generation American and a woman of color in STEM, I am always eager to share and connect with others, especially to work across differences in community building settings. On campus, I am also an Engaged Ambassador, an undergraduate researcher, and a student member of the CALS Alumni Association. I am passionate about utilizing communication skills from IDP to take in differing perspectives and lived experiences particularly to close gaps in health care and medicine.

Christian Hall

School of Hotel Administration, 2020

Hey! My name is Christian and I'm a senior in the Hotel school. I'm excited to return to IDP after a semester abroad in Hong Kong. In past semesters I've facilitated sexual orientation and gender dialogues, which have been incredible experiences. The IDP community has added fuel to my love for positively impacting my communities and helps others do this too! IDP has been a hallmark of my Cornell experience and a source of genuine growth. Outside of IDP, I lead the Cornell LGBTQ+ Business Alliance, head Diversity and Finance for Hotel Ezra Cornell, and work as a server at Taverna Banfi.

Cole Johnston

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2020

Hi! I am a senior studying International Agriculture and Rural Development from Eagle Point, Oregon. Some of my other campus commitments include serving as the Vice President of Citizenship, Diversity, and Inclusion for the Cornell Interfraternity Council and working as a campus tour guide. I have been with the Intergroup Dialogue Project for over two years now, and I cannot overstate the important lessons and skills I've gained from it. I am so excited to use these skills to engage with my peers and apply them in a professional setting after graduation.

David Moore

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2022

Hi! My name is David and I am a sophomore in CALS currently majoring in Biological Sciences. I am from Los Angeles, where I've been able to engage in social justice work within my local communities. I am a HUGE music enthusiast, I especially enjoy discussing the influence of music genres within political and social contexts. In my free time, you can catch me vibing to music, laughing, making art, and attempting to learn how to play the piano. I took EDUC 2610 during the spring semester of my freshman year, and I absolutely fell in love with the class. IDP has provided me with tools to communicate effectively and build meaningful relationships with my peers. This is my first time facilitating for IDP and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I learned so much about myself and others through IDP, and I am eager to learn more!

Deja Canty

College of Human Ecology, 2020

Hi! My name is Deja and I am a Junior in Human Ecology studying Fiber Science. I hope to use my education to aid in cleaning up the textile industry and provide better factory conditions for workers. I am passionate about social justice and exploring the intersections of class, race, gender, and sexuality. My experience in IDP as a student allowed me to productively explore these areas, and I hope to use the new language and skills learned to facilitate healthy and productive discussions this semester.

Gabriela Dickson La Rotta

College of Human Ecology, 2020

I am a senior in the College of Human Ecology majoring in Policy Analysis and Management with an interest in education and immigration policy. I live near NYC but I am from Latin America and spent a big portion of my childhood in Asia. On campus, I am a PAM Student Mentor, Associate Content Manager for the Cornell Policy Review, along with being a member of Delta Delta Delta and Callbaxx A Cappella. Being a part of IDP as a student made me a more thoughtful person and a much better communicator. As a first-time facilitator, I cannot wait to engage with my peers and have the kind of dialogues about social justice and personal accountability that made my experience in IDP so meaningful to me.

Jeannie Yamazaki

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2021

Hi there! My name is Jeannie, and I'm in my third year studying Environment and Sustainability. On campus, I'm an intern at the Cornell Botanic Gardens and I'm involved with Cornell Asian Pacific Student Union (CAPSU) and ALANA Intercultural Board. I care about issues of equity and access in the environmental context, and the communication skills and deepened understanding of identity that I've gained through IDP are essential in doing the work I want to do. Being involved with IDP has been one of the most meaningful parts of my time at Cornell, and I can't wait for another semester of facilitating EDUC 2610.

Julia Timko

College of Engineering, 2021

Hi! I'm a junior studying Mechanical Engineering from Brooklyn, NY. I've enjoyed all my STEM classes here at Cornell, but the majority of my education has come from experiences outside of the engineering quad. In the last two years on campus, I've learned the value of relationships and interactions that continuously challenge me to grow. Since high school, I've been fascinated with learning about others, hearing their stories to more rationally understand their decisions. IDP taught me to not just listen to others, but to empathize with them in order to make social change. I'm excited to participate in IDP again, this time as facilitator, to continue learning with and from my peers.

Kathryn Stamm

College of Arts and Sciences, 2022

Hi! I'm a rising sophomore majoring in English with a hopeful minor in Education (among other things, as I figure everything out!). I grew up in Evansville, Indiana. On campus, I write for The Sun, tutor at local schools with the Public Service Center, and am a popcorn person at Willard Straight Hall. I took IDP my first semester on campus, and it has shaped all my Cornell experience so far. I am deeply grateful for the way IDP has taught me to engage in empathy and work towards positive change, and I am excited to help expand that further into our community in my first time facilitating.

Katie Barajas

College of Engineering, 2021

I'm originally from sunny Los Angeles, California. I decided to come to Cornell because I wanted to take a leap of faith and challenge myself. It's been a wild ride to say the least. I've changed my major and intended career paths so many times, but finally listened to my heart and decided to major in Engineering Physics. As a female in physics, I'm really cognizant of the gender gap. The faculty, students, and staff are very supportive of the women in the major. A personal goal I have is to bring dialogue skills to bridge these gender differences within the major in order to focus on questions like: Why is the gender ratio so skewed? What impact does it have on current and potential students in physics? Intergroup dialogue has been one of the most impactful programs I've been involved with on campus. I took EDUC 2610 in the first semester of my freshman year and have been involved with IDP ever since. I've facilitated a gender and sexual orientation section and will now start my third semester facilitating the course. I'm looking forward to playing my small role in making a change on campus by building interpersonal skills and spreading awareness of the value of communication on campus.

Khary Pryce

School of Industrial and Labor Relations, 2022

Hi I'm Khary and I'm a sophomore in the school of Industrial and Labor Relations minoring in Inequality Studies. On campus I'm involved with the Black Ivy Pre Law Society, the Big Red Leadership Institute, and to make things even crazier, I play for Cornell's Varsity Women's Tennis Team. IDP was an amazing experience for me, and the minute I saw what it was all about, I knew I had to be more involved in this life-changing process. This is my first time facilitating, and I'm so excited to kickstart this process for my peers and continue honing my dialogue skills.

Linda He

College of Engineering, 2021

I am a junior majoring in computer science in the College of Engineering. On campus, you'll find me coding in Duffield, hunting down free food, or napping. This is my third time facilitating and I'm still not sure what I'm doing but I love it. IDP has been one of the most valuable experiences I've had in college, and I'm excited to continue facilitating!

Maya Cutforth

College of Arts and Sciences , 2020

Hello! I am a senior double majoring in American Studies and Spanish in the College of Arts and Sciences. On campus, I am the President of the Panhellenic Council, Philanthropy Chair of the Cornell Democrats, and a popcorn person at Willard Straight Hall. I hope to pursue a career in teaching after graduation, and I am interested in the intersection of civil disobedience and education policy. I have seen the positive impact of IDP workshops with leaders in Greek Life, and I am excited to return as a facilitator this fall.

Marina Grais

School of Industrial and Labor Relations, 2021

Hi, my name is Marina Grais and I am a junior in Industrial and Labor Relations with the hopes of minoring in Education, Inequality Studies, and Near Eastern Studies. Outside of class, I am involved in Cornell University's Social Media Ambassadors and Society of Human Resources Management. I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, but moved to America when I was about 2 years old. This is my first time facilitating IDP. I took IDP during the fall semester of my sophomore year and was apprehensive about my sharing my experiences with the class at first. My apprehension faded quickly and I fell in love with the process of dialogue. Through facilitating IDP, I hope to continue my path as a student and teacher through speaking and learning about different identities.

Michelle Davies

College of Engineering, 2022

Hi! I’m Michelle and I’m excited to be back with IDP as a facilitator after taking EDUC 2610 last fall, and doing the Freshman Orientation session. I’m a Sophomore in Engineering, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Robotics Engineering. I hope to act as a leader and innovation in the Robotics field after graduation by building robotics for children with communicative disorders, learning disabilities and general special needs. I’m eager to be a teacher and a learner in a whole new way this semester!

Nick Sepulveda

Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, 2020

Hi! I'm Nick Sepulveda, a rising senior in AEM. This is my third time facilitating, having taken IDP as a student my sophomore spring semester. I'm excited to start the year again with this group, as it's a really beautiful experience to get to foster a community with a group of people you eventually get to know much better, while also being able to learn about social justice matters I've frankly never considered before.

Owen MacDonnell

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences , 2020

My name is Owen and I am a senior Environmental Science major from Brooklyn, New York. After taking IDP my sophomore year, I was so impacted by the experience that I wanted to facilitate and continue to be both a teacher and a learner in the classroom. IDP equipped me with the skills and tools to tackle injustice on an everyday level. It taught me not just to listen, but to hear and not just to speak, but to be heard. Here at Cornell, I am a project team lead for Cornell University Sustainable Design and an active member of the greek community. I love to play soccer and basketball and I am an avid hiker. I hope one day to pursue a career in renewable energy, working to spread solar power around the world!

Rainer Sainvil

College of Engineering, 2021

My name is Rainer and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business in the College of Engineering. My hometown is Brooklyn, NY. Here at Cornell, I am Co-Outreach Chair for the Under-Represented Minorities in Computing, member of NSBE, and a part of the Black Entrepreneurs in Training cohort. I took IDP last semester and hope to open others to the many different perspectives on this campus as IDP did for me. I hope to get into Software Development and social entrepreneurship after graduation. Ask me about the NBA and hip-hop music!

Reem Abdalla

College of Arts and Sciences, 2020

My name is Reem, a senior chemistry major on the premedical track in the College of Arts and Sciences. I'm passionate about social justice and actively immerse myself in issues related to Pan Africanism and blackness. This is reflected in my campus involvements with student run organizations as President in Merita of the Coalition of Pan African Scholars. My experience with IDP drove me to seek different avenues of social activism, one of them is becoming a facilitator to continuously hone my skills as a community builder and become part of a system that creates change in our campus climate. Another is pursuing research in public health issues related to racial and gender identity in order to fortify my knowledge, literature and future impact as an aspiring doctor.

Ruju Dani

Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, 2022

Greetings! I’m a sophomore in the Dyson School minoring in education. I would love to market educational strategies and programs in the future. On campus, I am part of the Class of 2022 Council, Asha Cornell, and Salsa Pa’lante. Though I recently discovered my passion for math and psychology books, my relationship with podcasts is long-standing and healthy. I attended a big public high school in Poughkeepsie, New York and remember seeing first-hand the need for increased communication and understanding across diverse communities. After participating in the sexual orientation dialogue as a first-year, I am more motivated than ever to hear life experiences and facilitate new levels of awareness.

Samantha Luevanos

College of Arts and Sciences, 2021

Hi! My name is Samantha, and I am from the city of angels in sunny California. l am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Government and minoring in Inequality Studies and Crime, Prisons, Education and Justice. I participated in the socioeconomic dialogue my second semester at Cornell, and I fell in love with IDP's commitment to creating awareness about the individual and systemic inequalities that plague our societies. IDP has helped me develop a world in which conversations can be empathetic, insightful, and respectful of peoples shared experiences despite the topic or varying views. I look forward to using the new language and skills learned as a first-time facilitator this semester.

Sarah Sperber

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2022

I am a sophomore studying Communications in CALS. On campus, I'm involved with the Treble Chorus, both as an active member and as the organization's Blog Manager. I am particularly interested in the effects of socialization through media and hope to go into magazine publication to have a platform for advocacy and allyship. Taking IDP last semester, I formed a concept of social identity and developed a fire for combating indifference. I am beyond excited to continue my education in social justice in my first semester of facilitating this fall.

Sarita Benesch

College of Human Ecology, 2020

Hi, I'm Sarita. I was born in Rochester, New York and am a senior in the College of Human Ecology. I'm a Human Development major and particularly passionate about juvenile justice. I aim on pursuing a JD/PhD and working to dismantle the gap between adolescent development research and criminal policy. In addition to IDP, my favorite involvements include the Human Ecology Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Council, the Meinig Scholars Executive Board, the Legal Decision-Making Lab, and the Cornell Center on Death Penalty Worldwide... And, of course, giving campus tours for the Office of Visitor Relations. I've been both a student and facilitator in a race dialogue and look forward to what this upcoming semester holds.

Tom Chen

M.Eng., 2020

As a Cornell undergraduate, Tom majored in Computer Science with a minor in Education, and he will be continuing his studies through Cornell’s M.Eng. Program. Tom started in the EDUC 2610 offering during his sophomore year and continued to facilitate 2610 sections and workshops through the remainder of his undergraduate education. He appreciates the communication skills and tools that he has gained through IDP and incorporates them into his interactions within the engineering field. Tom is excited to be continuing with IDP as a facilitator for EDUC 2610, a coach on the Teaching Team and providing technical support for IDP projects.

Valerie Weisbeck

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2020

Hi! I'm Valerie, a senior studying Agricultural Sciences and Development Sociology. I'm from Buffalo, NY. I'm a member and former Recruitment Chair of Alpha Zeta Fraternity, an Agricultural Sciences Ambassador, and a Cornell ILR High Road Fellow. I took IDP the spring of my junior year and this is my first time facilitating. I am interested in urban agriculture and education as a way to empower youth and combat food deserts and injustice. I love IDP because of its ability to allow people to learn from each other. I hope to learn many skills while I facilitate IDP that I will be able to apply to community organizing and uplifting post-industrial urban areas.

Zara Schreiber

College of Engineering, 2021

I'm a junior in the College of Engineering majoring in Computer Science. Originally from NYC, I came to Cornell to explore the natural beauty (so gorges!), and since coming to campus I've become involved with Consent Ed and Cornell Pole Posse. I took IDP last year to engage in meaningful dialogues around diversity and it further ignited my passion for social justice. I'm excited to be facilitating for the first time this semester and to continue to build my communication skills.