Spring 2022 Undergraduate Facilitators

After undergoing an intensive four-day training at the beginning of the semester, and while participating in EDUC 4826: Leading Dialogue Across Difference, IDP’s undergraduate facilitators are responsible for guiding one section of EDUC 2610 on their intergroup dialogue journey over the course of the semester. Additionally, our undergraduate facilitators lead tailored programs for undergraduate groups, organizations, and courses.

Alexandra Castroverde

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2023

Hiya! I am Alex, and I am a sophomore in CALS studying Nutritional Sciences and minoring in Music and Global Health. On-campus, you can find me whipping up a new recipe for Creme de Cornell or pipetting DNA at my research lab. I took EDUC 2610 last semester, and it was one of the best classes I’ve taken at Cornell. At a time of uncertainty and Zoom fatigue, I knew that my IDP class had my back on the good days and the bad days. IDP helped me grow as a person while also allowing me to understand how to create meaningful conversations and connections. Because of this, I am hoping to continue to seek discomfort while creating new connections. I am very excited to continue my journey of communicating across differences, understanding social identities, and forming new personal connections as a facilitator this semester.

Ana Suppé

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2023

Hello! My name is Ana and I am a sophomore studying Environment & Sustainability in CALS. I took IDP my first semester, but my first experience with the program was during the Prefreshman Summer Program. I was surprised by what my peers had to say and enamored with the process of dialogue. In the classroom it took me a while to open up, but once I did I began to learn new things about myself and my identities. Beyond learning about myself, I hope to use the skills I’ve gained to make an impact among the Cornell community and beyond. I’ve only been here a short time but have already felt the impact of IDP in my own life. Outside of being a facilitator, I am involved in Climate Justice Cornell (CJC), Native American and Indigenous Students At Cornell (NAISAC), and the drumline for the Big Red Marching Band. I am looking forward to a great semester of teaching and learning!

Anna Haraka

Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, 2024

Hello! My name is Anna Haraka and I am a sophomore in the Dyson school concentrating in Strategy and minoring in Leadership. My hometown is Bloomfield, New Jersey. Here at Cornell, I am the Vice President of Public Relations for the Dyson Undergraduate Council, Director of Membership for A Seat at the Table, a Dyson Ambassador, and a consulting analyst for Social Enterprise Group Cornell. Taking EDUC 2610 as a freshman was a defining experience for my first semester at Cornell and has made me an overall better person. I facilitated for the first time in the virtual space, and I am excited to pair my passions for social impact and effective communication facilitating in person facilitator for the first time!

Bianca Bryant

College of Arts and Sciences, 2023

Hi!!! I'm Bianca and I'm a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Economics and Sociology. I took EDUC 2610 my very first semester at Cornell, and I am so grateful to be able to continue to learn and grow as a facilitator of this course. I love that IDP enables me to engage with others and reflect on myself and my experiences in order to create positive change. Outside of IDP, I am the Social Chair for the Women's Club Rugby Team and a member of Cornell ACLU. Looking forward to meeting new people and making more meaningful connections!

Catherine Wambura

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2022

Hi! I’m Catherine, a senior majoring in Global and Public Health Sciences and minoring in Inequality Studies: Health Equity. My friends recommended that I take EDUC 2610 during my junior year and it easily became one of my favorite learning experiences at Cornell. I am excited to continue learning with this incredible program as a facilitator and hope to be able to deliver the same positive experience.

Christy Atangana

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2022

I'm a senior studying Biology and Society with minors in Business and Inequalities Studies - Health Equity. Some organizations I'm a part of are Slope Day, Cornell Center for Health Equity - Student Chapter, and APO. I remember taking EDUC 2610 my freshman year and gaining new ways to communicate and relate to others. I am excited to facilitate for the first time, create new relationships, and learn from the great dialogues that will take place this semester!

Claire Ceske

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2023

Hello, my name is Claire and I am a Junior in CALS. I am technically a bio major, but I basically don't take bio classes anymore and am preparing to do a masters in Computer Science. I took EDUC 2610 my second semester freshman year and I really loved how dialogue allowed me to engage with sensitive subjects without feeling overwhelmed or nervous. My perspective on social issues has been completely different since participating in IDP, and I feel that the improvement in my communication abilities has been invaluable. This is my second semester facilitating and I am incredibly excited to be immersed in dialogue once again. Outside of class I love to read and listen to podcasts. I am also involved with an Ithaca Scouts BSA troop (formerly called Boy Scouts) and I really enjoy weightlifting.

Colin Kadis

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2022

Hello 🙂 My name is Colin and I am from Newton, MA. I'm a senior in CALS studying Animal Sciences. I first took EDUC 2610 to improve my communication skills and to meet more amazing people here at Cornell. I am incredibly grateful that I can continue to learn as a first-time facilitator while also helping others to grow their ability to engage in dialogue and explore difficult topics. Outside of IDP you'll find me milking cows, playing Irish music, and tutoring farmworkers in English.

David Moore

School of Industrial and Labor Relations, 2022

What's up! My name is David and I'm a member of the class of 2022 in the ILR school. I've been a facilitator since the first semester of my sophomore year. I'm from Los Angeles and I'm a big fan of the Lakers and all things on the West Coast. I also love hip-hop and r&b music (hit me for song recs), and I have an extensive durag collection. I enjoy cooking in my free time and getting to meet new people, so if you see me say hi!

De’Aysia Barner

College of Arts and Sciences, 2022

Howdy! My name is De’Aysia and I am from Arlington, Texas. I am a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Crime, Prisons, Education, and Justice in the College of Arts and Sciences. Outside of IDP, I am involved in research with The Life History Lab and McNair Scholars Program that focuses on how developmental context has lifelong effects. I took IDP second semester of my sophomore year and was initially skeptical of what I could gain from the experience. However, there was actually so much that I benefited from learning, not only about the others present, but about myself as well. Having such an eye-opening experience of my own, led me to pursue facilitating in order to help others in their process to make new connections and get out of their comfort zone. I hope to be the best guide possible and am super excited to be a first-time facilitator this fall!

Elita Gao

College of Arts and Sciences, 2022

Hi y'all! My name is Elita and I am a senior studying Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. I grew up in Austin, Texas and I'm a lover of breakfast tacos and live music! Taking the IDP course this past fall opened my eyes to inequality and social change, inspiring me to be a lifelong learner in human connection, inclusion, and empathy. In my spheres as a teacher, a researcher, and a counselor, I take what I have learned with me to foster safe spaces and cultivate thoughtful conversations. I'm thrilled to experience the course again as a facilitator to meaningfully impact the Cornell community and beyond!

Emily Abbruzzese

College of Human Ecology, 2023

Hi! My name is Emily and I am a junior studying Human Development with a minor in Law and Society. I am really passionate about learning how children navigate the world through play. Outside of IDP, I am a research assistant for the Early Childhood Cognition Lab and I am I Cornell Traditions Fellow. I am also involved with several student orgs such as BreakFree - a student dance group, CU Bigs - a public service center affiliated program, and my sorority - Alpha Chi Omega. I took EDUC 2610 during the fall semester of my sophomore year. I loved the opportunity to feel connected with my classmates despite having taken the class during a virtual semester. I am so excited to be back and continue exploring strategic ways to make social change through human connection!

Isa Goico

College of Architecture, Art and Planning, 2024

Hello! My name is Isa and I use they/them/theirs pronouns. I am a sophomore art major from Atlanta Georgia. I work as the graphic designer for the Johnson museum. In my free time, I work as a freelance comic illustrator. I am passionate about prison abolition, gay liberation, and voting access. I live in Risley, the arts special programming house. Within my dorm I help with Komittee (our student council) and the Risley art and music shops. I am looking forward to connecting with people from all over Cornell during my first semester as a facilitator. IDP has helped me find my place within the Big Red community. I chose to facilitate to help other new students have a place where they belong in college.

Julia Richardson

College of Human Ecology, 2023

Hello! I am Julia, and I am a junior studying Human Development and minoring in Inequality Studies and Law & Society. I am from Southbury, Connecticut and I have two dogs and a cat. On campus I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Omicron Nu, and Delta Delta Delta; I also am an editor for Thread magazine and Perspectives undergraduate research journal. Back in Connecticut, I am the organizer and founder of Justice Southbury, a local social justice movement dedicated to cultivating a more kind and fair community for all. In my free time, I love to dance and sing! I am thrilled to continue my IDP journey as a facilitator. This class taught me that humans are inherently different and this is a beautiful thing: it is our differences that make us so unique and make our world so diverse. I am so excited to listen to each other's perspectives and grow as individuals while learning how to communicate effectively.

Kathryn Stamm

College of Arts and Sciences, 2022

Hi! I’m Kathryn! I'm in my final semester studying Literatures in English and American Studies. I grew up in Evansville, Indiana. On campus, I also work for The Cornell Daily Sun and Interfaith Council. IDP has defined my Cornell experience from the first moment continuing to now— I deeply believe in this program and its impact and am immensely grateful to be a part of it.

Khary Pryce

School of Industrial and Labor Relations, 2022

Hi, I'm Khary and I'm a junior in the school of Industrial and Labor Relations minoring in Inequality Studies. On campus I'm involved with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Black Ivy Pre Law Society, the Big Red Leadership Institute, and to make things more hectic, I play for Cornell's Varsity Women's Tennis Team. IDP has been an amazing experience for me, and since my first session, I knew I had to be more involved in this life-changing process. This is my second time facilitating, and I’m so excited to continue honing my dialogue skills.

Lauren Moroz

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2023

Hello! My name is Lauren and I'm from Syracuse, NY. I am a junior Animal Science major on the Pre-Veterinary track with a minor in French. My hobbies include cooking, reading, spending time outside, and dancing (ballet is my favorite!). I took EDUC 2610 during the spring of my sophomore year and loved that it allowed me to connect with others and have a better understanding of my role in social systems. I am so excited to facilitate this semester!

Michelle Davies

College of Engineering, 2022

Normally three strikes means that you're out, but for me, the third time's the charm ;). Hi I'm Chelle, a junior study Electrical and Computer Engineering, and besides making bad jokes, I love robotics and technology for social justice. My goal in life is to develop pedagogical technology to help kids with learning disabilities / special needs. I have my own website / portfolio for ongoing technical projects I do! https://www.michelledominiquedavies.info/

Nelson Liu

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences , 2023

I'm Nelson, a junior studying Biometry & Statistics and Environmental Economics. I'm from Brooklyn and in my free time I enjoy journaling, and playing ultimate frisbee! I took EDUC 2610 in the fall of my sophomore year and am looking forward to having more lovely conversations and learning more about what it means to be human.

Rafael Bitanga

School of Hotel Administration, 2023

Hey! My name is Rafael Bitanga. I am a 3rd year student from Kodiak, Alaska studying Hotel Administration. My inspiration to be a facilitator came from the growth that I experienced while participating in EDUC 2610 during the spring semester of my first year at Cornell. I am excited to be a part of your journey in learning to be more effective and emphatic when conversing with others. Outside of academics, I lead by listening and I leverage my skills in digital storytelling (filmmaking and photography) to amplify uncommon voices though authentic conversations. These stories are shared to empower people and enact difficult changes. So, are you ready to learn and grow together?

Serena Singerman

School of Hotel Administration, 2024

Hello! My name is Serena Singerman, and I am a sophomore in the Hotel School. I am additionally pursuing a minor in leadership. My hometown is Cleveland, Ohio. I decided to take EDUC 2610 due to the abnormal class structure, and I am excited to experience co-learning as a facilitator for the first time!

Sierra Kinsler

Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, 2024

Hi! My name is Sierra and I am a sophomore in the Dyson school from Baltimore, Maryland. Outside of IDP I am a Meinig Family Scholar who enjoys biking, singing, and impulsively chaotic dance sessions. Taking EDUC 2610 last semester has done amazing things for me and my relationships both professionally and personally that I never before imagined possible. As a first time facilitator this fall, I am super excited to have the opportunity to bring this positive experience to others! This semester, I hope to continue to improve my own dialogue skills while promoting a diverse Cornell community, in both identity and thought, where discussing our differences is a rewarding experience! Cheers to an amazing semester!

Sydney Palmer

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2023

Hi! I'm a junior studying Development Sociology in CALS. This is my fourth time facilitating, and I'm so excited to continue my journey with IDP this semester!