UNILWYL 1515: Dialogue Across Political Differences

Instructor: Jazlin Gomez Garner

1 credit. S/U only.
Offered: Fall 7-Week 2 Session
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Course Description

This course will be a space for genuine conversations about and across political differences. Throughout the course, we will connect with ourselves and others about who we are, what we believe, and how we act as agents within political systems. We will: reflect on how our political identities are shaped and how they connect with social identities; examine our political beliefs and opinions around current policy conflicts; and explore different forms of political engagement. Throughout the course, participants will gain skills for communicating effectively across differences, reflect on the impact of engaging with others whose political perspectives are different from our own, and work collaboratively to foster a “brave space” where curiosity and a willingness to understand are promoted.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine personal political values, beliefs, and identity beyond party affiliation
  • Describe basic political processes, including how to vote and how to contact a representative
  • Engage in conversation about political differences
  • Demonstrate critical awareness about the relationship of social identities, political identities, polarization, and dialogue