Undergraduate Student
Courses & Offerings

Transitions & Connections: Summer Program for New Students

Transitions & Connections is a summer program that pairs small groups of new students with an upperclassman facilitator to make connections, build community, and ask questions about what it’s really like to live and learn at Cornell before classes start.

Community at Cornell

A mandatory 2-part program that all incoming undergraduate students must complete in their first semeseter at Cornell. Participants are introduced to skills and tools for communicating across difference both inside and outside the classroom.

EDUC 2610/ILRID 2610: Intergroup Dialogue

A 3-credit, peer-facilitated course that prepares students to live and work in a diverse world, and educates them in making choices that advance equity. Intergroup dialogue is a form of communication specifically designed for people to engage with one another across social, cultural, and power differences in a critical and meaningful way.

EDUC 4826/ILRID 4826: Leading Dialogue Across Difference

A 4-credit course that students take while co-facilitating one section of EDUC 2610/ILRID 2610 (Intergroup Dialogue). Through theoretical and experiential learning, students in EDUC 4826/ILRID 4826 will further develop knowledge and skills gained in EDUC 2610 for leadership and facilitation across social, cultural, and political differences.

HE 2222: Translating the Science of Purpose

A 3-credit course that provides students with an introduction to the science of purpose with the goal of being able to share this knowledge and co-create new knowledge with communities that might benefit from it. Students will be supported in developing skills for communicating about research with groups and individuals that might apply relevant findings in their own lives, organizations, and/or communities. 

ILRID 2650: Inclusive Leadership

A 7-week 2, 2-credit course that seeks to galvanize leadership education by putting traditional leadership scholarship in conversation with the writings of activists and humanistic scholars. Through this juxtaposition, we will explore and examine our preconceived notions of “leadership,” “diversity,” and “inclusion.” 

UNILWYL 1115: Exploring Purpose in Life – Identity, meaning, and direction at Cornell

A 1-credit, 7-week 2 course aiming to provide first-year students with the opportunity to reflect on purpose in life and how being at Cornell might impact their own experiences with identity, meaning, and direction. Participating students will be supported in developing and using critical dialogue skills to understand their experience with purpose in life and how social identities (e.g., nationality, race, socioeconomic status) relate to their exploration of and/or commitment to purpose.

UNILWYL 1515: Dialogue Across Political Differences

A 1-credit, 7-week 2 course for students to have genuine conversations about and across political differences. Throughout the course, participants will gain skills for communicating effectively across differences, reflect on the impact of engaging with others whose political perspectives are different from our own, and work collaboratively to foster a “brave space” where curiosity and a willingness to understand are promoted.