EDUC 4826/ILRID 4826: Leading Dialogue Across Difference: Practicum in Intergroup Relations

Instructor: Dr. Adi Grabiner Keinan

Prerequisites: EDUC 2610 or department permission

4 credits. Letter grades only.

Offered: Fall & Spring

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Course Description

Through theoretical and experiential learning, students in EDUC 4826 will further develop knowledge and skills gained in EDUC 2610 for leadership across social, cultural, and political differences. Through weekly seminar sessions, students gain a working knowledge of scholarly literature drawn from the fields of critical intergroup dialogue, practice theory, social identity theory, and social justice education. Students learn about the theories and empirical evidence on why and how communication and collaboration across difference work. Moreover, through unique experiential learning opportunities in the classroom, students practice communication and collaboration across difference, as well as facilitation skills fundamental to leading intergroup dialogue processes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate effectively across difference.
  • Demonstrate disciplinary knowledge of literature on critical dialogue.
  • Apply skills for leading individuals from different backgrounds within a multicultural society.
  • Demonstrate capability to mediate conflict through dialogue for mutual understanding.
  • Through critical reflection, examine how personal and group socialization connects with larger societal systems.

The intercultural skills gained in the course enable students to take on facilitative, leadership roles in a wide variety of settings. In addition to facilitating EDUC 2610, our trained facilitators also facilitate dialogue sessions for various students groups and departments, including Cornell Minds Matter, the Student Assembly, the Prefreshman Summer Program, Residential Advisors, and the Public Service Center, among many others.

I feel like I have grown and changed both as a person and as a facilitator in IDP. I've grown more comfortable in my own identities and am more willing to move into a brave space when communicating with people from similar and dissimilar identities. In my spheres of influence I've started communications about privilege and encouraged those around me to be more vocal about struggling as students. I find myself taking time away from school to have these conversations about identity with all my friend groups. It's made Cornell more like home for me.

EDUC 4826 Participant

I am a leader on a team that has a national competition in which international teams were just told they would not be allowed to compete the following year. I have expressed my frustration because I believe it is wrong to compete in a competition that does not align with my and Cornell’s values of inclusion. I don’t think I would have been so vocal to my team if it weren’t for being in a nationality section last semester.

EDUC 4826 Participant

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