IDP Resource: Listening & Learning with "I" Statements

Episode 9. Imagination

In this episode, Bert, Janani, and Rachel talk about the things they imagined when they were children, how they imagine what’s possible for themselves, and the role of imagination in creating a more just and equitable world.

Episode transcript

Discussion Questions

  • How has your experience of imagination changed throughout your life?
  • Where do you notice social identity showing up in what you imagine for your own life? For the society you’re part of? For the world and its future?
  • Who is a role model of yours and how does this person spur your imagination?

Writing Prompt

Describe a time when your imagination “filled in the gaps” of an incomplete story: what did you know, and what information did your imagination add? What kind of emotions, assumptions, or stereotypes emerged in what you imagined?

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