Humans of IDP #33: Elana Kuppermann ’16

By October 10, 2019 October 11th, 2021 No Comments

Elana Kuppermann sitting on rocks with ocean in the backgroundAs part of our #HumansofIDP spotlights, this week we’re featuring IDP alum Elana Kuppermann ‘16. Elana facilitated two EDUC 2610 sections her senior year, and is now in her third year at Cardozo School of Law. Here’s what Elana has to say about how IDP has continued to impact her post-graduation:

IDP is constantly present in my internal narrative, and time and time again I find myself practicing various skills I gained from IDP. As a leader in some student groups, I utilize my facilitation skills when it comes to communicating with my peers, and especially when it comes to resolving any conflicts or misunderstandings. Ever since I first learned about LARA, I’ve really benefited from incorporating Affirmation into the manner in which I react and respond to all kinds of situations. Whether navigating disagreements with family and friends, ensuring that I understand an assignment delivered by a professor or boss, or working through a challenging situation in the classroom, I find significant clarity in taking an extra moment to clarify what was said to or asked of me. Also, when presented with a particularly heated or triggering statement, practicing Affirmation gives me a moment to keep my emotions in check; as a law student, I’ve learned this is incredibly useful to me and is a great strategy for when I can’t let my emotions be revealed or when I need to process new information. I even introduced the concept of LARA to my Negotiation Theory & Skills professor, and ultimately was asked to share the fundamentals of LARA with my class!