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Humans of IDP #36: Kathryn ‘22 & Marina ‘21

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This week’s #HumansofIDP are Kathryn Stamm ‘22 and Marina Grais ‘21. These two co-facilitate a dialogue about socioeconomic status this semester. Here’s what they have to say about IDP and each other:

Why IDP?


I like to think that I chose IDP, but I think there were larger forces at hand that lead me to joining the program. My year was the first year that was assigned a mandatory IDP session during orientation week, and coming off of my gap year, I was excited to get back into the diversity/social justice work I did in high school. While my peers scoffed at the idea of a session to learn “how to communicate,” I was a little apprehensive but very enthusiastic. IDP came to me during a really reflective time in my life and the curriculum and tools introduced to me stuck with me, to the point where I knew I had to continue being a part of the program. Now, I’m surrounded by some of the most passionate, thoughtful, and self-aware people I’ve ever met and every time I step into the IDP office I’m taken aback by the love I feel in that space. What was supposed to be a one-time, 3 hour, introduction to communicating across difference, has become a lifelong process of growth for me and I am so grateful for it.


Intergroup Dialogue Project allowed me to bring my true self into the space and become both a teacher and a learner. I decided to become a facilitator because IDP has taught me so much about ideas and concepts that shape my interactions with others in the world. It challenges me to learn something new every day.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?


I love that Marina is deeply kind and considerate towards our participants. She always considers exactly how each of them will respond to our actions and the reasons behind their emotions. This compassion translates into session, where she naturally creates a space where our participants can be brave and vulnerable. Because we are both new facilitators, she is honest about what she doesn’t know and needs help with, which I’m grateful for because modeling that encourages me to do the same. But she also makes me laugh constantly!


Kathryn is super flexible with me and my needs inside and outside of our session. I am so lucky to call her my co-facilitator and my friend!