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Humans of IDP #45: Chelle ’22 & Zara ‘21

By March 23, 2020 October 11th, 2021 No Comments

This week for #humansofIDP we wanted to highlight another one of our co-facilitator pairs from this semester, Chelle Davies '22 and Zara Schreiber ‘21. Here's what these two have to say about IDP and each other:

Why IDP?


Why not IDP? IDP was the first space where I felt like I would be brave and challenge ideas and voice my dissent without being labeled “difficult” or a bad person. IDP taught me to be my authentic self unapologetically, and it’s a lesson that I value and practice both in and out of the IDP space.


I took IDP on a recommendation from a friend, and now I can’t get enough. For me, IDP is a space on campus where I am valued for being myself, and where I feel that my contributions are heard and important. It allows me to challenge myself to learn and grow, exploring my own socializations and how I partake in systemic systems of oppression and privilege. Everyone I interact with through IDP broadens my perspective and makes me think about things in new and interesting ways.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?


Her boldness! She’s definitely someone that will fight to see something that she is passionate about through.


Chelle is amazing! She is funny, friendly, and deeply thoughtful. She helps me to consider new ideas and pushes me to really think about important topics. She has a clear passion for everything she does and somehow magically gives everything her all despite being involved in a million things. Chelle is a great co and a great friend!