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Humans of IDP #61: De’Aysia ’22, Ethan ’21, & Jeannie ’21

By December 21, 2020 October 11th, 2021 No Comments

Meet De’Aysia ‘22, Ethan ‘21, and Jeannie ‘21, our last EDUC 2610 co-facilitator trio of the fall 2020 semester and this week’s #HumansofIDP! Here’s what these three have to say about IDP and one another:

Why IDP?


I chose to take EDUC 2610, and eventually become an IDP facilitator, because I wanted to improve my communication skills and be able to connect with other people on a deeper level. IDP offers such a unique opportunity for students to explore their differences and social identities in a supportive environment, and I wanted to be part of this learning process. I believe this not only helps broaden our perspectives and connect with ourselves and other people in a more meaningful way, but it also gives students the tools necessary to go out into the world and make a difference towards a more equitable future.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitators?


My cos are so great! Ethan and De’Aysia have jumped right into this wacky semester with patience, kindness, and determination. They’re both so thoughtful and it’s easy to see how much they care about this work and our students. My favorite moments are when we’re in our planning meetings together and we’re combing through our debriefs. We change questions, rearrange them, come up with new ones — the three of us are working together to make the best learning experience that we can for our students, and it’s so energizing to be a part of a group like that.

What is the most rewarding part of being an IDP facilitator?


It’s so rewarding getting to watch my students grow, learn, and change while also getting to experience the same thing for myself as a facilitator. I chose to continue being involved with IDP after taking EDUC 2610 as a student because it is a space where I can grow while feeling both comfort and discomfort with people who genuinely care for one another and about making the world we live in better.