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Humans of IDP #107: Noah ’24 & Vic ’24

By October 31, 2023 May 23rd, 2024 No Comments

Today, we’re kicking off our semesterly #HumansofIDP to feature our many Fall ’23 EDUC 2610 facilitators! First up are Noah Courtney ’24 and Vic Capobianco ’24 — here's what these two have to say about IDP and each other!

Why IDP?


After transferring to Cornell, IDP provided me something I didn’t know I would be seeking at Cornell: genuine self-connection. IDP has allowed me to explore and strengthen my connection with my own social identities, and it continues to challenge me in a way that impacts every day of my life as a student.


Semester after semester, I find myself coming back to IDP. I appreciate how this space introduces me to nuanced perspectives that challenge me to reevaluate the ways I interact with the world around me. Through IDP, I am truly able to embody the essence of being both a teacher and a learner.

What's your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?


My co-facilitator? Vic? She creates a balance of humor, curiosity, and insight in a way that impacts everyone she meets. Some of my favorite things about Vic are how she is both a hard worker and a caring individual, and how she asks questions that positively challenge the way that I think. She’s an incredible co-facilitator, and a phenomenal human!


Facilitating with Noah comes so easily. It is clear that he is so invested in this process and his sense of responsibility toward our students’ learning. Among the many qualities I admire most about Noah are his candor, his unwavering commitment to all that he does, and his witty sense of humor. I am grateful to be his co this semester!