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Humans of IDP #112: Kevin ’25 & Vic ’24

By November 29, 2023 May 23rd, 2024 No Comments

Today’s #HumansofIDP are Kevin Chirinos ’25 and Vic Capobianco ’24, two of our EDUC 2610 co-facilitators this semester. Here's what these two have to say about IDP and one another!

Why IDP?


IDP has given me a fun and welcoming community to spend time with and where I can talk about social issues in a thoughtful and empathetic way. IDP has helped me understand my own identities and experiences more productively and broaden my worldview to include others’ perspectives. I love being a part of IDP and getting to give back to such important work!


For me, IDP facilitates connections and fosters a sense of community and belonging among unsuspecting places and groups of people. The interpersonal relationships I have developed in this space are truly unique, and I value the ways that IDP helps us go beyond superficial interactions by establishing a deeper level of shared vulnerability.

What's your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?


Vic is the most knowledgable and caring person I’ve met. When she’s talking to people, it’s clear that she’s genuinely interested in what they have to say and wants to help them out in any way she can. Vic comes into session every week ready to teach and learn, and she pushes me to be grow, too. I’m super grateful to be her co!


It’s hard to pick just one favorite thing about Kevin. I admire his introspection and the grounding presence he brings to each and every session. Kevin approaches facilitation with uniquely profound empathy and consideration for the content and our students, and I feel fortunate to be his co this semester!