Graduate Student, Staff, and Faculty
Courses & Offerings

Intergroup Dialogue for Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are required to communicate and work across cultural, social, and power differences on a daily basis. They interact with mentors, colleagues, undergraduate students, and professors in a variety of academic settings, and need to navigate different spaces, ways of thought, and academic practice. This program provides a space for a group to come together to connect in a deep and personal way across differences through activities designed to stimulate critical reflection of social identities and power dynamics in society.

NBA 6870: Leading Across Differences: Understanding Identity, Dialogue, and Influence

As a leader in any organizational context, your ability to collaborate with a broad cross section of colleagues is a key driver of individual influence and collective success. This course will provide students with an opportunity to: explore how their own social identities shape their professional choices and leadership style, build capability to have meaningful dialogue and effective collaboration across social, cultural and power differences, and explore the power of alliances and allies when seeking to create an inclusive team/organizational environment.

Advising Across Difference: Academic Advisors Course

A year-long course for a group of academic advisors to explore how social identities inform advising and mentoring processes; practice tools for leading and communicating across difference; strengthen their capacity to develop effective collaborations; and build a professional network of academic advisors interested in enacting systemic change past the completion of this course.

Academic Unit Programming for Faculty & Academic Staff

Driven by the need to support and foster greater inclusion and belonging in academic units, our academic DEI education model is implemented at the department level. Recognizing the distinctive challenges and opportunities, as well as the unique culture within each academic unit, our thorough pre-assessment supports data-informed interventions and processes appropriate to each department’s specific needs. Ongoing assessment allows us to better understand and address both the evolving needs of the unit and the short- and long-term impact of our collaborative work.

Workshop Program

IDP collaborates with units, departments, and faculty to develop offerings customized to your group’s needs. Through experiential learning exercises and authentic dialogue, participants gain practical skills for making their living and working spaces more inclusive environments.