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Humans of IDP #2: Cole ’20 & Jenna ’18

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This week we are featuring EDUC 2610 facilitating pair Jenna Chong ’18 and Cole Johnston ’20. They are facilitating a gender section this semester.  Here’s what they have to say about IDP:

Why IDP?

Co-Facilitators Cole ’20 and Jenna ’18

Jenna: I chose IDP because I was encouraged by Amiri Banks to take the course. After participating in the SES dialogue as a student, I wanted to continue learning about social identity development and learning about how to disrupt systems of privilege and oppression. IDP has allowed me to continue learning about my own social identities while teaching me how to communicate and connect with individuals I normally wouldn’t have otherwise.

Cole: I was introduced to Intergroup Dialogue by a close friend who facilitated last semester. After being hired as a facilitator and being in the classroom for the first time, my experience was nothing less than transformative. Intergroup Dialogue offers a chance for me to expand my perspective and get outside my comfort zone. The connections I make with my participants and other facilitators are so special to me and have given me a sense of home at Cornell. I have gained the skills to have difficult conversations with many different people. So whether I’m dialoguing about LGBTQ+ issues, or dialoguing with my mom about why my room isn’t clean yet, I have confidence in my communication.

What’s your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?

Jenna: My favorite thing about Cole is his inspirational resilience and his natural ability to ask inquisitive questions. Cole has challenged my biases and has taught me how to work and communicate with someone who has vastly different social identities and experiences.

Cole: I appreciate Jenna for her cool and collected composure inside the classroom, her deeply sarcastic attitude outside of the classroom, and the fact that I can identify her location in a crowded space by listening for her laugh.