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Humans of IDP #7: Zach ’18 & Vero ’18

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As we wrap up another great semester, we also bid farewell to some of our great senior facilitators who graduated early this semester. Zach Schapiro, Luey MacLean, Sarah Aiken, and Mané Mehrabyan congratulations! We will miss all of you dearly, but we know you’re all going to do great things!

The fabulous facilitating pair Zach and his co-facilitator Veronica Dickson’18 (they facilitated a gender dialogue), are this week’s Humans of IDP and the last of 2017!  Here’s what they have to say about IDP

Why IDP?

Co-Facilitators Veronica ’18 and Zach ’18

Veronica: IDP has been my community at Cornell for years, challenging me constantly but always with the full support and love of my co-facilitators and staff. I would not be the person I am today without IDP, nor would I have had the courage to launch myself to participate in the different spaces I now occupy at Cornell. I owe so much of myself to IDP and am endlessly proud of the work we do.

Zach: I had heard great things about IDP from friends that had taken the class, so I reached out to the program last spring to try and enroll for Fall 2017. Lucky for me, there were still some openings for the spring, so I was able to finagle my way into a Gender dialogue. Fast forward to now, and I can say unequivocally that my work in IDP has been the most meaningful part of my Cornell experience. IDP has challenged me to be better and confront my own privilege, and for that, I am grateful. I only wish I had found this wonderful community sooner.

Favorite thing about your co-facilitator:

Veronica: Insanely smart, completely self-aware and thoughtful, and really knows how to make people feel listened to.

Zach: Working with Vero has been such a pleasure. She is an absolute professional, and her passion for this work is utterly contagious. No matter what the task, whether it was crafting lesson plans, grading journals, or even decompressing after a tough session, Vero approached it with enthusiasm and gave me complete support with anything I could possibly need. Also, she is absolutely hysterical. I don’t know how many times I burst out laughing when we were just talking about the random nonsense going on in our lives.