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Humans of IDP #10: Clinton ’19 & Sofya ’19

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This week’s fabulous Humans are Sofya Calvin ’19 and Clinton Ikioda ’19. This wonderful pair is facilitating a gender dialogue this semester. Here’s what they have to say about IDP:

Co-Facilitators Clinton ’19 and Sofya ’19

Why IDP?

Sofya: I do IDP because I fundamentally believe in the power of this program to not only change campus climate but to build communities and promote diverse climates beyond the Cornell campus. When I took IDP, I grew in ways that I couldn’t even imagine and got to do so while watching 15 other peers of mine, from all different backgrounds, grow with me. I got to push myself to be surrounded with people who had completely different perspectives than I did and in communicating with them, I learned how powerful it can be to open these lines of communication and foster relationships across difference. I truly feel honored to be a facilitator for IDP and am blessed to be able to say that I can have this same impact on 15 other peers of mine every semester.

Clinton: IDP is not just a course; I think it’s a movement. I think it is the very first step in social justice awareness not just on campus but in the world. IDP has allowed me to think about things within myself that I haven’t explored before. It has taught me about my privilege, and my oppression and has allowed me to explore identities that I haven’t explored before. I think IDP is also a great way to be able to express yourself and it creates a space where everyone can learn about each other. Taking IDP last semester was a great opportunity for me to grow in a way I never thought I would. To be honest, IDP has made me more mature in the ways I have conversations about social justice issues. It has made me more aware of the nuances within knowledge behind these issues and how to properly address and understand them. IDP has really been and continues to be a critical part of not only my development as a student but also as a social justice advocate.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?

Sofya: Clinton is definitely a better co-facilitator than I deserve. He is so kind and passionate and you can tell that he deeply cares about all of the work we are doing. My favorite thing about him is his boldness and confidence. I love that he is such an open communicator and isn’t afraid to tell me if I have over-stepped my boundaries. I have a ton of respect for him both as a student, co-facilitator, and overall person and can’t wait to continue working with him during our upcoming semesters with the program!

Clinton: Sofya is very passionate about IDP and you can see that in everything she does that relates to it. Whether it be planning or session itself, she puts her all into it and it motivates me to also put my all into it. Also, Sofya is very good at being able to catch dynamics and call it out respectfully. She is able to really reach out to our students and make them feel safe and heard in this space. I really couldn’t have asked for a better person to share this experience with!!