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Humans of IDP #11: Caroline ’18 & Matti ’18

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Featuring the Charismatic Caroline Baldwin ’18 and the Magnificent Matti Yarn ’18. This dynamic duo is facilitating a socioeconomic status dialogue this semester!

Co-Facilitators Caroline ’18 and Matti ’18

Why IDP?

Matti: I’ve been facilitating almost as long as I’ve been a student at Cornell and I have always found great meaning in the work and in the impact it can have on others. By using my voice to help facilitate understanding between people, I feel like I am doing a fraction of what I can to change the status quo. If I can help just one person think more critically about the society we live in and self-examine their role in it, that is important and worthwhile. The fact that there a class based on this idea is immensely comforting and I’m glad I was able to participate in this before I graduated!

Caroline: IDP gives the unique opportunity to try to connect and create meaning across difference. I began having conversations in IDP that I was struggling to otherwise. The skills I have learned in dialogue have empowered me to continue to educate myself and others.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?

Matti: What I like the most about Caroline is the combination of her wit and wisdom! Since she’s such an experienced IDP facilitator, I’m in awe of her knowledge and skills almost constantly, but I cannot stress how much her sense of humor elevates her to a level of effectiveness that cannot be achieved through experience and knowledge alone. She’s a fantastic co and a wonderful person; I feel lucky to work alongside her!

Caroline: Matti is a careful thinker. Their passion and dedication is infectious. They care so much about the work we do in IDP and everyone they let into their heart, I am always amazed by Matti’s constant giving to others. I’m lucky to have such an amazing, supportive Co who embodies the mission of our program my last semester as a person.