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Humans of IDP #14: Henry ‘19 & Malia ‘19

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Our next featured duo includes Seniors Malia Kennedy’ and Henry Graney. The pair is currently facilitating a race dialogue. Here’s what they have to say about IDP:

Co-Facilitators Henry ’19 and Malia ’19

Why IDP?

Malia: Cornell can really make you feel like you “don’t belong” at times. Some spaces make you feel welcomed whereas others, you might not. In the IDP space, I feel a small spirit of Aloha that welcomes me. It is the only space on campus that allows me to be the creator and comforter of my own space. The program welcomes me and all my identities, stories, bad days, troubling times, corny jokes and differences. When I’m in a space to vent or express myself, I know I can always count on IDP to make that happen, just for me.

Henry: My involvement in IDP is one of the seminal experiences of my undergraduate career. I was lucky enough to find a space where vibrant, kind-hearted, and wickedly intelligent people can come together and discuss things that matter and then ACT! I feel heard in the IDP space and it has equipped me with social skills that help me better understand my peers and all Cornellians. Cornell is not a perfect place but through IDP I feel prepared and equipped to take on anything!

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?

Malia: Before Henry became my co-facilitator, several people were ensuring me that I was “in for a good one.” I’ve never worked with someone who understands my crazy schedule and life and can adjust to it accordingly. Despite our few differences, Henry continues to show me the many things we do have in common. We’re workaholics, we love coffee and we both suck at submitting the DPPF on time! Doing this work with Henry makes things a lot easier for me because of how reliable and supportive he is. He’s amazing inside and out and his passion for this work goes beyond what you could imagine. Thank you Fall 2018 IDP for blessing me with one of the greatest co-facilitators ever!

Henry: My co-facilitator is the best! As a new facilitator, Malia has been an incredible mentor and guide whose experience I have learned from greatly. She is understanding of how much work we both have and is a great person to grab a coffee with. Also, she is an amazing gift-giver and psychically foresaw that I love macadamia nuts. Malia has made my time as a facilitator incredibly valuable and has been so much fun to work with. I am excited to spend the rest of the semester learning from her and working with her to make our IDP classroom the best possible place!