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Humans of IDP #15: Christian ’20 & Kellie ’19

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On this Monday, we are proud to share the love and power our lovely facilitators bring to the IDP Space.  Our next pair includes Christian Hall ’20 and Kellie Ochs ’19. The pair is currently facilitating a gender dialogue. Here’s what they have to say about IDP:

Co-Facilitators Kellie ’20 and Christian ’20

Why IDP?

Kellie: I think the value and learning opportunities that emerge from thoughtfully examining interpersonal relationships and personal experiences are too often disregarded in academia. IDP’s careful balance of theory and practice combines the academic foundation of systems of oppression and privilege with that of real human experiences within these systems. I strongly believe in IDP’s core value of empathy, and the critical role it plays in cultivating a more equitable and inclusive society. Overall, IDP has transformed the way I communicate with others, provided me with a space to pursue social justice work in a tangible and meaningful way, and gifted me with a network of passionate, driven, and inspiring individuals.

Christian: IDP has changed the way I think. By providing me with a framework to better understand the social dynamics that shape my interactions, as well as the forces that govern the society around me, IDP has helped me better serve myself and others. On a more personal note, IDP has grown my confidence dramatically. This space has helped me reduce the distance between my authentic self and the person I feel others want me to be. Finally, on a dramatically siloed campus full of complex identities and experiences, IDP unites. This program creates legitimate change that is so successful because it is uniquely tailored around each participant’s experiences. For anyone who seeks to lead in today’s global world, there could not be a more essential course.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?

Kellie: As a co-facilitator, Christian has this incredible ability to synthesize what is being said and facilitate questions and discussions that challenge the group, including myself, to be more introspective and think more critically. His presence is able to command a room, while his sense of humor and calm demeanor still makes him approachable and down to earth. As a person, and as a friend, Christian consistently offers compassion, support, or a gentle reminder to get it together when I really need to hear it. I truly hit the co-facilitator lottery with this gem of a human being.

Christian: Kellie is overflowing with passion. This fuels her creativity and drive–she’s brilliant and has it together. I feel like I learn something new from her in every interaction we have. She’s grounded, empathic, and effervescent. I feel lucky to have been paired with someone who so well embodies what it means to be a leader for others. Also, she’s insanely fun to be around–she’s her full self–and it is absolutely fabulous.