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Humans of IDP #16: Emma ’19 & Mia ’19

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Our fourth pair of the Fall 2018 Semester features Mia Mishaan ’19 and Emma Ramsden ’19. This power duo is currently facilitating a Race Dialogue. Here is what they have to say about IDP:

Co-Facilitators Emma ’19 and Mia ’19

Why IDP?

Mia: After taking the class my Sophomore Spring, I felt like this could be something I could be a part of. While I am involved in many things on campus, I feel that IDP is a way that I can help create change for everyone on campus. Through IDP, I’ve gotten to work with some of the best people I know, that I would have otherwise never interacted with because they’re in “different groups” than the ones I feel I belong to. However, with IDP, we’ve all been able to find a shared value. It feels good to belong to a community where difference is welcome and respected, and the things I feel and say are valued.

Emma: When I first signed up for EDUC 2610, I thought this would be my one and done opportunity to learn some communication skills and have the chance to learn about my privileges and about others’ experiences. Once I finished the semester, I realized I couldn’t leave this space — there was still so much I wanted to do with IDP! That is why I became a facilitator. IDP has had such a positive impact on my time at Cornell. It’s given me the chance to learn about power structures in society and how I fit into it all, and I now have the communication tools necessary to actively engage in social justice work. Having the chance to facilitate this process for other students and help them reach these same takeaways has also been an incredibly rewarding experience.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?

Mia: My co’s patience and understanding is unrivaled. We both are senior engineering students so we’re often stressed and overwhelmed. However, she always hears me out when I need her to and is always looking to improve her skills as a facilitator. She’s a great role model in my opinion! Even though I’ve facilitated before, I feel as if I’ve learned a great deal about facilitating just by being her co.

Emma: What I love about Mia is that she cares so much about IDP and about how our participants are doing. She is so in tune to where everyone is throughout this process, can clearly call-in dynamics, and is amazing at connecting with participants, affirming their experiences and validating their emotions. Mia is just overall an incredible person — she is smart, passionate, reflective, and so empathetic. She gives so much of herself to the communities she is involved in and has been amazingly supportive and reassuring throughout my first semester as a facilitator!