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Humans of IDP #21: Bukola ’19 & Lily ’19

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Our ninth pair of the Fall 2018 Semester highlights Bukola Anifowoshe ’19 and Lily Hemler ’19. This duo facilitated a race section. Here’s what they have to say about IDP:

Co-Facilitators Bukola ’19 and Lily ’19

Why IDP?

Bukola: I am a future educator and love being in a classroom space, whether it be with children or my peers. I really enjoyed the peer-facilitated environment and saw the value of the co-learning model and co-facilitation. Having a co-facilitator was the best part of the class and I was able to realize how much I value a partner on the scene.

Lily:  I honestly took this class just because it fulfilled a requirement for me and seemed interesting, not knowing it would change my life! I strongly believe the best way to fight against hate in the current political climate is through education and dialogue, and that’s exactly what IDP is about. It is so rewarding and humbling to keep learning every day about different people’s experiences, and I am so proud to be a part of this organization that does so much to bring respect to all on this campus.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?

Bukola: Lily is a great balance to my personality. We fall on opposite ends of every personality/characteristic scale that we’ve done together and it’s usually pretty funny that in reality we’re great complements.

Lily: Bukola is honestly such a beam of sunshine in my life! I have never met someone who can be be both so strong and so vulnerable at the same time in the classroom. She is honest and straightforward, but is an amazing listener and cares SO MUCH about everyone around her, which is a combination you rarely see in people. She always validates my thoughts and tells me when I do something great- and she says I’m great like it’s a fact, not an opinion. Honestly I couldn’t feel luckier to have Bukola to laugh with through all of our meetings and classes, she made teaching my first semester incredibly enjoyable.