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Humans of IDP #28: Brynn ’19 & Ikenna ’19

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Our next pair for Humans of IDP are Ikenna Onyekwere ’19 and Brynn Richter ’19.

This dynamic duo co-facilitates a Socioeconomic Status dialogue!

Why IDP?

Ikenna: Having been with IDP for two years; I still believe in the work we do. I find it very rewarding to get students thinking about larger societal issues as well as digging deep into how their personal experiences have shaped their worldview. I am continuously learning about myself and others. The communication skills that I have gained and share with our students have allowed myself and many others to navigate tough situations relating to social identities. These skills are not only limited to these tough situations, but can also be a great asset in the professional setting.

Brynn: Before taking IDP, I saw a lot of problems in terms of climate on campus and beyond, but I had no idea what I could do about any of them. I am still in awe at how much I felt like I grew in my semester taking IDP and how much I continue to grow as a facilitator. I learned so much about my own identities and how those impact my life on campus and beyond. The biggest thing IDP gave me was the tools and confidence to actively participate in difficult conversations and to educate myself on and advocate for change.


What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?

Ikenna: Every semester we have a retreat and facilitators are asked to bring a gift for their co-facilitator. Being that this was Brynn’s first time, I initially wanted to make her an origami cocoon symbolizing her becoming a good facilitator. I then realized that Brynn had already passed the cocoon stage. Brynn has been able to adapt and learn very quickly what is means to be an IDP facilitator. She has been very helpful in and outside of the classroom. I think Brynn does a great job of balancing me out. Instead of making a cocoon I made a butterfly.

Brynn: Ikenna is incredibly supportive and always inspires me to be confident and push myself as a facilitator. He recognizes and affirms my strengths and helps me work through my weaknesses. I’ve come to realize that perfect facilitation is not realistic, but I feel incredibly comfortable facilitating with Ikenna and know that I have his support and help during those imperfect moments.