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Humans of IDP #78: Lauren ’23 & Sydney ’23

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#HumansofIDP is back! This week, we’re excited to feature Lauren Moroz ‘23 and Sydney Palmer ‘23, two of our Spring 2022 EDUC 2610 co-facilitators. Fun fact: Sydney was Lauren’s facilitator when she took EDUC 2610 as a student! Here's what these two have to say about IDP and one another!

Why IDP?


I chose to facilitate again this semester because I love learning with and from my students. I always leave session feeling like I have gained something from what I have heard from everyone in the room. I really enjoy when students teach me something that I had not considered. I also appreciate the community of lovely people that I’ve found through IDP!


IDP is one of my favorite communities on campus that has taught me so much as a student and a person. I have built so many meaningful connections through this program and I am so happy to be working with everyone once more!

What's your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?


Facilitating with Sydney is so much fun! Her passion for facilitating and her commitment to learning more about everyone in the room is admirable. I appreciate her openness to new ideas and her kindness. It’s such a joy to facilitate with Sydney after being her student a year ago!


My favorite thing about Lauren is her dedication to learning. She is always willing to push our students and us to become better communicators. Lauren’s willingness to show vulnerability and foster connection only furthers the wonderful impression she made on me back when she was my student 🙂