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Humans of IDP #96: Alex ’23 & Shrutika ’25

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Happy Friday! It’s officially #HumansofIDP season!

Kicking off our batch of Spring ’23 EDUC 2610 facilitators are Alex Castroverde ’23 and Shrutika Damle ’25. Here's what these two have to say about IDP and one another!

Why IDP?


At first, I took IDP for a CALS diversity requirement. But I became and stayed a facilitator because I saw how I communicated created change within my friend groups and the clubs I am apart of here on campus. I wanted to continue this change to others by facilitating the class, and also I wanted to continue to grow and learn from the class.


I chose IDP because of the deep human connection and co-learning environment it creates. I haven’t found any other community on campus like IDP. Through this course, I have gained awareness of inequities as they relate to social identities. I have also become more conscious of my actions and the larger impact they have. I am constantly learning, growing, and reflecting due to the teachings of IDP.

What's your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?


Shrutika is my second half during the sessions. She always brings in her curiousity and passion for teaching our peers. She jumps in asking amazing questions, making sure my instructions were clear, and clarifying concepts. She deeply cares for the pillars of IDP and pushes our students to think another level.


It is an absolute pleasure working with Alex this semester. She has a unique ability to liven up any place she is in. Alex has an infectious energy and laugh that makes any situation more enjoyable. She is also a very genuine and empathetic person both inside and outside of IDP. She pushes me to become the best facilitator I can be!