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Humans of IDP #101: Claire ’24 & Rosie ’25

By May 8, 2023 January 6th, 2024 No Comments

Kicking off the last week of classes, we have today’s #HumansofIDP — Claire Ceske ’24 and Rosie You ’25! Here's what these two EDUC 2610 co-facilitators have to say about IDP and one another!

Why IDP?


Over the last two years IDP has really become my home on campus. Many of my closest friends I’ve met through IDP and every time I come back I meet so many more amazing people. I’ve never been in another environment that enables and encourages such genuine connection. IDP has completely changed the way I engage with my relationships. It has made much such a better listener and more supportive friend and it has helped me become comfortable sharing my full self with those around me.


Every semester, every week, every day, IDP brings out a new side of me. IDP challenges me to think more critically, yet with empathy, and it motivates me to be more aware of the people around me. Here, I have grown as an educator, a friend, and a person. The community of IDP is always so warm and welcoming and makes me feel at home at Cornell.

What's your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?


My favorite thing about Rosie is how dependable she is both inside and outside the classroom. When I make a mistake in session or can’t think of something to say she is always on top of her game and ready to jump in. More importantly though whenever I’m not feeling well or having a bad day I know that Rosie has my back. She is effortlessly supportive and understanding which is something I really admire about her.


Spending time with Claire always leaves me with a smile. She has the power of making people feel heard, whether in or out of session. She’s unafraid in recognizing aspects that need improvement, yet is generous in noticing and applauding even the smallest achievements of others. Claire encourages me to enjoy myself during sessions we lead together, and I’m so grateful for her support.