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Humans of IDP #64: Andrew ’21, Anna ’24, & Sam ’21

By April 7, 2021 October 11th, 2021 No Comments

Today we’re highlighting Andrew Gordon ‘21, Anna Haraka ‘24, and Sam Luevanos ‘21, three of our EDUC 2610 co-facilitators and this week’s #HumansofIDP! Here’s what these three have to say about IDP and one another:

Why IDP?


I took EDUC 2610 as a sophomore, and two years later, it is still the class I hold with the highest regard. I learned so much about myself through the conversations I had in my session, and connected with a number of students I likely would have never spoken to otherwise. The experience I had with IDP inspired me to come back as a facilitator to help other students discover more about themselves and the social structures that we’re a part of.

What is your favorite thing about your co-facilitators?


My co-facilitators are amazing! At the most surface level, Anna is a pop culture queen, and Andrew has the world’s best lighting – it looks like the gods are always shining on him. However, there is also so much more to them! Anna is one of the most thoughtful and empathetic people I have ever facilitated with. She constantly thinks about what we can do to be more welcoming and supportive of our students. My favorite thing about her, though, is her boldness. She is patient, but she is also not afraid to challenge people and give them a push. Andrew is the type of facilitator who gives so much of himself to the process and his students. He is so open and willing to display vulnerability with us, which is so brave and inspiring. He is also incredibly receptive to other people’s lived experiences and feelings, and truly makes you feel heard and connected. I honestly feel like the luckiest person to be able to facilitate alongside them.

What is the most rewarding part of being an IDP facilitator?


Having the opportunity to learn from the students in my section is easily the most rewarding part of being an IDP facilitator for me. I originally feared that I would never be as knowledgeable or skilled as my facilitators I had as a student in EDUC 2610. I quickly learned that I don’t need to know everything, and that every session is an opportunity for me to learn about my peers, myself, and the systems in the world around me. The process of co-learning that we experience in an IDP session allows me to share the knowledge that I have acquired from my time with the program as well as hear stories that shape my perspective every class.