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Humans of IDP #81: Christy ’22 & Julia ’23

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Happy Wednesday! Today we’re featuring Christy Atangana ‘22 and Julia Richardson ‘23, two of our EDUC 2610 co-facilitators, as our #HumansofIDP! Here's what these two have to say about IDP and one another!

Why IDP?


The reason why I found myself coming back to IDP is because of the growth I experienced and continue to experience here. In other classrooms, I find that the knowledge I learn and can apply is often confined in that classroom space. The skills and tools that I learn from IDP go beyond the classroom naturally. It has played a role in my career choices. I have been able to engage and navigate conversations that before IDP, I didn’t have the language to name certain patterns and dynamics. The challenges I have encountered has pushed my critical thinking and grown my empathy for others and myself. IDP reminds me of my agency in situations that I did not think I had before and the responsibility I have to challenge the status quo.


I love IDP because it provides me with a space to engage in critical dialogue about extremely pertinent issues, while also emphasizing the importance of interpersonal connection. IDP is a place I am welcomed, listened to, and challenged.

What's your favorite thing about your co-facilitator?


I am very happy to be co-facilitating with Julia because she has an energy and excitement that permeates our classroom. When she is energized, that energy is transferred to me and I a begin to feel confident and driven to do the lesson. She gives so much compassion and care for our students. When working through our sessions she pays close attention to detail because she wants our students to get the most out of our lessons. When she speaks, I can see the mind of our students working and thinking critically about the narratives and skills she shares. Without hesitation, she is willing to support me in any way she can. Grateful isn’t enough to describe how I feel about having Julia as a co-facilitator.


My favorite thing about Christy is her compassion for others and her ability to read someone and provide them with what they need without them having to voice it explicitly. She is empathetic and passionate, and I am consistently so impressed by her.